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Great to see you found us!

There is more to life than work. We value having sufficient opportunities to enjoy life, family, friends, going out and relaxing.

To reinforce this concept, you can win your groceries by filling in the form of this campaign.

Subscribe for groceries

How to win groceries for a year?

It’s all about subscribing

By signing up for this activation you will enter the weekly draw. We weekly raffle a full bag of groceries during this quarter of the year. By signing up for this activation you participate in the weekly draw. 

Participants of the promotion will have a chance* to win the grand prize. Free groceries worth 1500 euros for a year!*

Terms and conditions


The campaign period is 1 may 2021 until 31th juli 2021. The grand prize winner will be announced on August 14, 2021.

In principle, participation in the groceries win campaign means a win-chance on groceries for a week worth 50 (fifty) euros and the main prize a voucher worth 1500 euros (fifteen hundred euro). The promotion concerns a credit at one participating supermarket in your area. The credit can be used for a year, but is used up.

Participation in the weekly raffle takes place when you have completed the registration form and confirmed the double opt-in (security email).

Where the weekly shopping prize is raffled among all registrations, the main prize is only raffled to participants who complete the additional survey which is send towards the registered mail adres and works for or through Axidus within one year.

There only is a one-time participation in this promotion per e-mail adres. Participation in this promotion is only possible for: persons aged 18 years or older, employees of Axidus are excluded from participating in promotions. Axidus is at all times authorized to change the promotion conditions in the interim or to stop the promotion without giving a reason.

Personal data:

Personal data of participants is shared with the marketing agency Flax.Dept for campaign and communication activities only. Data will not be released without consultation and provided to of sold at external parties.

Winner (s):

The winner(s) of a raffle is chosen by drawing lots in an impartial manner. The winner will receive a personal email. If the winner does not reply or show up within one week after the announcement, no new winner will be designated. Flax.Dept BV will distribute the prizes

Axidus is authorized to exclude persons from participation in the event of suspected unlawful participation or fraud. Participants who have not won a prize after te campaign period will be notified. It is not possible to exchange the purchased groceries for another product or amount of money.