I want to go to the doctor or dentist. What should I do?

Everyone in the Netherlands is obliged to have their own doctor (huisarts). It is an obligation that must be fulfilled personally. We advise you to find and register with a doctor in the area where you live. You will need your valid ID, BSN number and insurance card (zorgpas) for this. A visit to a doctor in the Netherlands must always be preceded by an appointment.

In some municipalities there are special doctor’s offices aimed at economic immigrants. You can inquire about them at your branch or fill out the form below;

How is Incapacity (Sickness) Benefit calculated?

Depending on the employment contract, ABU Cao determines the employee’s rights with regard to the continued payment of wages during the period of incapacity for work and the applicable waiting days. UWV takes over the obligation to continue payments in the event of illness resulting from pregnancy, childbirth, adoption, disability and organ donation. If your employer pays your wages, your Sickness Benefit is calculated on the basis of a legal presumption 13 calendar weeks before the first day you are unable to work. During the first 52 weeks of incapacity for work, the employee is entitled to 91% of the actual hourly wage with a minimum of 100% of the statutory minimum wage. After 52 weeks of incapacity for work, 80% of the hourly wage (statutory minimum hourly wage) is paid in sickness benefit. If the employee does not follow the agreements in the protocol or if the employee does not cooperate sufficiently to improve / recover health and reintegrate, this may lead to a written warning. In the event of no improvement, the employer has the right to suspend or even stop the payment of wages.

If the above content does not answer your question, please complete the form below;

I am sick, what should I do?

The employee should notify the employer of the incapacity for work on the first day of illness, at the latest one hour before the commencement of work, by calling 0031 630 347 223
The following information is obligatory:

1. Expected period of absence
2. Has medical advice been / will be sought? ??
3. How the employer can help.
4. Where will the employee be and at what telephone number he will be available
5. What other duties is the employee able to perform.

If an employee falls ill while working, he or she should personally report the incident to the immediate supervisor at the workplace and in the branch to which he is subordinated.

Note: A sick report will only be registered when notified by an employee to the department.

Notification of sickness from abroad

The employee is obliged to report the incapacity for work abroad immediately to the branch in accordance with the method described above. In addition, the employee is obliged to notify the local health care immediately and then return to the Netherlands as soon as possible in order to comply with the provisions of the Act on Professional Reintegration of Workers, unless he or she has a medical certificate prohibiting travel during illness.

The employee will retain the right to receive remuneration for incapacity for work only if the company doctor assesses his ability to work.

In the event that an employee who is incapable of work goes abroad without good reason or without the consent of the employer, he or she loses the right to receive further remuneration in connection with the interruption of the reintegration that is obligatory for him.

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