Bank account

Assistance in setting up an ING account in the Netherlands for new employees

Many people write to us about the difficulties encountered when trying to open a bank account with a Dutch bank. So far we couldn’t help but… attention, now it is possible!


Each new employee of the Axidus agency can open their own bank account with ING NL




Meetings at the bank will be arranged in the afternoon or at weekends so that you do not have to leave work. We will take care of transport – we will organize a bus that will take you to the bank branch, where a Polish-speaking coordinator will take care of the necessary formalities.

Applications can be sent using the P4F application with the annotation: ING Account

The documents needed to set up an account are:

* ID card or passport

* BSN number in paper form
* agreement with the Axidus agency in paper form (we can also print it for you)

We hope it will make your work easier.
The waiting time for a fully functional bank account is approximately 14 days.

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