I want to go on vacation, what should I do?


If you want to go on vacation, it is necessary to complete the vacation application with the specific date of departure and return marked.

Application for leave

Requests for days off and holidays should be submitted by completing the leave application and sending it via the P4F application in the form of a photo or a scan.

Remember that the form also has a place for the signature of your supervisor from the company where you work, so first make sure that the manager agrees. If you already receive it, feel free to send the document to
other Planning Department.

Unfortunately, new forms of request for leave will not be accepted. If you have not submitted a vacation application and you are absent from work, the absence will be considered as an unexcused absence, which may be grounds for terminating your contract. You can get a maximum of 3 consecutive weeks of holiday leave. If you need more, a written agreement with your employer is required.

Used leave, now what?

If an employee does not have enough vacation days, he may be granted unpaid leave upon written request. The employer may deny such a request if it considers that the interests of the company significantly outweigh the interests of the employee.

If the employee works for a client who has a full suspension of activity or collective leave for certain periods, he / she undertakes to take leave during that period. An employee may submit an application for a special leave within two weeks of the event. More information on special leave is provided in Art. 57 Collective Labor Agreement for

Holidays days

Working in the Netherlands, the employee acquires the right to vacation days. The longer an employee works, the more days they have free. These days can only be used as annual leave or as normal days off. If an employee stops working at Axidus, the holiday entitlement will be paid within 6 weeks, but any open costs / invoices may be settled.

We can pay for a maximum of 40 hours per week when you use your vacation days. For single days it is 8 hours a day. Only in the event of departure and in the last week of December, we will pay the amount due for all open holidays

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