Mobbing and inappropriate behavior of the supervisor

Mobbing at work – although it has existed almost forever, it has only been talked about loudly for several years. Employees do not know where to report mobbing at work and how to prove that it happened. They wonder where the line is at which point work relationships become unethical and harmful. Most often, mobbing at work occurs when an employee is harassed, harassed, intimidated, humiliated, unfairly treated, ridiculed, and even isolated by his supervisor or other employees or an employee. Such behavior, full of a hostile and unethical approach, is a tool to put pressure on the employee.

In our agency, we care about the safety and psychological comfort of our employees, which is why we have created a helpline for people affected by the problem of ill-treatment in the workplace. If you are a victim or witness of mobbing, you can write to one of our trusted Job Coaches. They are there to help you.



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