We will provide commuting to work


Wondering how you will get to and from work every day? With Axidus, you don’t have to worry about that. We organize safe and punctual transport to the workplace to which you are posted. Our planners take care of the organizer so that you reach your destination in the shortest possible time. We have a large fleet of company passenger cars. You will be driven to work with one of them and driven home afterwards. This way, you will avoid traveling by public transport and be sure that you will move safely. Do you have a driving license but do not have your own car? When working in our agency, you can use a company car for nothing you don’t pay. Your only responsibility is to take your coworkers to work and drive them home if you finish your shift at the same time. We have passenger vehicles (max 5 people).

it is also possible to take additional courses outside of regular work

(fixed hourly rate), but only if you so wish. All our drivers:
They are privileged in planning for work
• They can use the car to drive to the store on their way to / from work
• They are completely exempt from transport charges Additionally:
• Car wash, refueling at the company’s expense
• GPS in the car and updated navigation in Polish
• Always helpful Transport Department. Everything to make your ride safe and secure.

Trips on your own

If you have your own private means of transport and you resign from using company transport, you only need to report it to the Transport Department using the P4F application by writing a message informing you when you switch to private mode. Remember that it is possible to rent a bicycle from Axidus if your workplace is close to your accommodation. For more information, please contact the site coordinator.

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