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What is the Works Council?

The Works Council is a group of employees that represents all employees in the organization. On behalf of the staff, the works council consults the director (Ron van Loenen) on all matters important to the staff in the company. The Works Council defends the interests of employees, but also has influence over matters that do not directly affect the personnel. The Works Council has a number of important rights. The director must meet with the works council at least twice a year. During these consultations, the director discusses the overall state of affairs of the company and informs the works council how they will be involved in the upcoming decisions. The members of the works council are then involved in the general interest of the staff. It is certainly not the task of the works council to investigate complaints from individual employees.

The Works Council represents all employees. This means that any employee who has been employed for at least one year may stand for election to become a member of the works council. You can be one of them!

Tasks of the Works Council

The Employee Council consults on company policy and personnel interests. For example, the works council has a vote on good working conditions, rules on working conditions, compliance with working hours and rest periods, and equal treatment and pay for employees.

Why the Workers' Council for Axidus?

Management believes it is important that all employees are represented and have a voice so that they can really influence decision making in the company and trade-offs between the interests of the company and those of employees. As a member of the Works Council, you therefore represent your own interests and those of your colleagues. In doing so, you contribute to the continuity of Axidus.

What does membership of the works council bring?

1) You can really make a difference to your own working conditions and to your colleagues’ working conditions

2) You develop yourself and various competences such as communicating, negotiating, arguing, evaluating politics

3) You are always (first!) Aware of the latest developments

4) You consult management directly and can exert influence

Get Qualified!

Feel free to qualify for the Axidus employee council. You can do this by sending an email to hr@axidus.com before June 30, 2020.

If there are enough registrations, we will hold elections to the Axidus Works Council in July.

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