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Working with Axidus in the Netherlands

The Netherlands is a country full of attractions for all visitors. Working at Axidus allows you not only to find employment and professional realization, but also to discover a completely different culture. The country is known for both its picturesque landscapes and modern and innovative urban centers. It is called the “America of Europe” because there is general abundance here, and ordinary people get a living and well. One of the most liberal countries in modern Europe, it laid the foundations for today’s European Union, with the founding of the European Coal and Steel Community in 1951. The stable economy of the Netherlands allows for systematic development. Axidus work will allow you to become an integral part of this system as well as fair earnings.

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Work at Axidus begins in Poland

Our cooperation begins at the first meeting. As an agency, we believe that working at Axidus should not only be a generator of income, but also pure pleasure and a source of new, interesting experiences. That is why,from the very beginning, we want to create a team of which you will be not only a member, but also a valuable element.

If you feel comfortable with the people you work with, working for Axidus will become almost fun. We are characterized by an individual approach to each of our clients, we value your trust and opinion very much. We will help with all formalities so that the issues related to documents on the occasion of your trip to the Netherlands will not take long We will make every effort to ensure that you are fully satisfied with our services, and a trip to the Netherlands evokes only positive associations and memories.

Working at Axidus - you can always count on us!

We are well aware of how difficult it can be to go to work abroad. In order to limit your doubts, we focus on the best preparation of each person who comes to us for a new role. That is why, in our center called Axidus Projecten, we organize various training courses aimed at introducing you to new responsibilities and a different culture. The courses offered include: Dutch language courses, occupational health and safety in the Netherlands, and more specialized courses, thanks to which you can acquire specific skills – such as a course for forklift operators. We want you to know as much as possible about the employer and the conditions in which you will be employed before starting a new job. We will make sure that he meets all the necessary employment requirements and that his work is fully safe. 

What’s more, working at Axidus also means less worry in the Netherlands itself. Our agency provides transport for employees from home to work. The package also includes return journeys. Thanks to this, you will always be on time at work, and our drivers will ensure a pleasant and safe journey. We also pay a lot of attention to rest.

We believe that well-used free time and proper integration of employees can spontaneously increase the efficiency of the entire team. For this reason, we organize various types of integration meetings for our employees of different types – for individual departments or all currently employed. Thanks to this, you can meet many more people who do similar work to you, make interesting friendships and exchange experiences.

We can also appreciate the best employees who receive gifts from us, such as laptops or tablets. As you can see, working at Axidus is not only about everyday duties, but also a lot of fun.